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Manage Your Digital Photos And Videos Like A Pro

It can’t be denied that almost anyone is taking picture of almost any time of the day. People want to be updated always and so take pictures of their meals, their tasks or their selfies. This is because high-quality cameras are now integrated to the latest smartphones and makes it readily available for everyone. When more and more pictures are taken, a new problem will now arise and that is how to manage all these videos and files. Here are some tips on how to manage your digital photos and videos.

Take a picture

You should take pictures not because you have the notion to select the best picture later on. You should not take pictures also just for the sake of taking a picture. When taking a picture, you know already that it is a good picture. You capture it because you know you will decide to keep it later. If you don’t control the way you capture, you will end up with so many picture files to the point that you can no longer identity the ones that you like and how to organize these picture files.

Cleaning Up your Digital Dirt

Cleaning Up your Digital Dirt

Get the files off your phone

Your digital camera and smartphone have to be free from all the files so once your trip or you endeavor is done, take time to remove the picture or video files. By removing the files from your smartphone or your camera, you are freeing up memory. When your smartphone and camera are not full, it is ready to take new set of photos and videos again. Aside from that you will no longer experience hang-ups and slow performance from your smartphone. It is easier to manage your files also in the computer than in your smartphone.

Organize your pictures according to the date

The reason why you need to get your files from your phone is for easier organization. The easiest way to organize your files is by using the time/ date for organizing. You drop your picture files according to day, month and year folders. Inside the day folders, you can even specify specific events in the day for easier tracking. By storing your pictures by folder, you can easily track your pictures by the time you need it.

Always have a backup to your files

When you store your picture files in your computer, it is but right to store a back-up of these files. Once they are in your computer, they are vulnerable to virus attacks. This is usually the reason why there are people who don’t transfer their files to the computer. The solution to this problem is to backup your files regularly.

Henry Sibley Presents: Managing Your Digital Footprint

Henry Sibley Presents: Managing Your Digital Footprint


Taking pictures and videos is already a part of our everyday life. By taking pictures and videos, we are able to capture our life’s greatest moments. If you got too many pictures and videos however, it may create a problem especially in organizing your files. You can follow the tips listed above so that you can one day look back at the best moments in your life.

5 Tricks To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Burning

Love knows no geographical boundaries. This is the reason why there are millions of couples who still choose to stay together, even if they are separated by hundreds of miles. The satisfaction that comes from knowing your heart still beats for someone who is not in your immediate vicinity is one that doesn’t come easily, after all, and must therefore be cherished.

However, it is not a secret that affection and attention could wane in long distance relationships. So, if you’re in one, you should do everything in your power to make sure that the flame of love between you and your partner will continue to burn bright and fierce. These tips below may be of help:

Discover Useful Long Distance Relationship Advice with 12 New Tips

Discover Useful Long Distance Relationship Advice with 12 New Tips

Always Set a Date

One of the perks of living in a really modern world is the near-impossibility of not connecting with people that you love. In long distance relationships, gadgets can play a very important role. Set a Skype date every so often, for instance, so that you two are always talking and seeing each other’s faces.

Don’t Entertain Doubts

Trust is a vital ingredient to any long-lasting relationship. When physical proximity to each other is not always possible, it becomes even more important. Give each other the benefit of the doubt, and don’t sow mistrust and jealousy without basis. This will help you not only avoid fights, but also enrich your love.

Always Keep Each Other in the Loop

Being in a relationship means you’re always having someone who is willing to listen to you. Don’t miss out on this advantage by shutting each other out, because you think some things are better said face-to-face. Some couples have fallen apart because they didn’t make enough of an effort to keep each other in their lives. Sometimes, it’s just as effortless as at least 2 text messages a day.

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Long-Distance Relationship

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Long-Distance Relationship

Make Good Use of the Physical Space

You may not be able to get together all the time, but that isn’t always a bad thing. There are feelings that you two can work out and understand better because there is no pressure of immediate interpretations. You can think about your feelings all you want, consider where you need to improve on, and subsequently properly think how you can nurture them.

See Each Other, Every So Often

Being apart comes with the sweet promise of being together again. Long distance relationships are ideal for bringing renewed life into your feelings, every time you see each other. So, make sure to agree to see each other once in a while. This doesn’t have to be a monthly thing, and it doesn’t need to be planned all the time, as well. Sometimes, a reunion can become even more amazing when it’s a surprise.

Keeping Your Children Safe From The Sun

There is always going to be a risk of your child suffering from sunburn while out in the sun during the long summer months. It’s only human nature for kids to play outdoors in the summertime but you need to make sure your children are protected from the sun at all times. You have to particularly work hard as children are easily susceptible to serious risks.

Watch for All the Shade

You have to make sure your children are playing in places where there is plenty of shade around. Shade is used to not only keep kids cool but to also keep the sun’s rays from getting in the way. While a tree is always a good thing to have, it’s also good to have an umbrella or tent in the picture as well. Anything that is UV-resistant will certainly help keep your kids safe.

Watch out for sunburns!

Watch out for sunburns!

You should not assume that just because it is cloudy out that your kids will be safe. The sun is still intense enough in the summer to where it can move through the clouds and cause skin damage. Therefore, you have to be certain that you are keeping your kids protected even in the cloudiest of times during the season.

How Do You Use Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is well known for being useful when taking care of your children and protecting them from the sun. However, you should apply it at the right time and with the right intensity in mind. You should use sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 15. It should also have features that offer UVA and UVB protection so your children will be protected from the sun’s dangerous rays.

In addition, you should apply it about thirty minutes before going outdoors. This should be enough time for it to sink in.

Don’t Forget Your Hat

Hats are more than just nice things for your kids to wear. They are also things that are capable of creating shade. A traditional cap can protect the face but it’s often best to go with an all-around hat that creates a small umbrella effect over the head. This is so you don’t have any part of the child’s head being exposed to the sun. It should not be too hard to find a good hat but it’s always good to see that the hat in question is made with materials that aren’t transparent and easy for the sun to move through.

Keep Your Kids Safe in the Sun

Keep Your Kids Safe in the Sun

Always Use a Time Limit

Although it’s always good for kids to get outside and play in the summer, it is best to make sure they are active for about sixty minutes a day at the most. You don’t want them to be out for too long and potentially develop serious problems relating to not only sunburn but also heat exhaustion.

You should be certain that you are keeping your children safe if you’re going to have them playing outside. The risk that comes with the sun can be significant as it can cause any child’s skin to be in jeopardy of being burned. However, it does not have to be as much of a problem as it might be.

Save Money On Groceries With These Simple Tips

A big portion of the money you earn each month goes to groceries. You can continue doing this or you can make a change and learn how to save money on your grocery shopping. It’s not the only expense you have. There are a lot of bills that you need to pay each month. You might as well save as much as you can when you head to the grocery. Here are some simple tips that can help you save:

Check your supplies before doing your grocery shopping

Don’t forget to take a look at the fridge or your cupboards to know what you still have and what you lack. This way, you won’t buy things that you already have. It doesn’t just help you spend lesser, but also helps you avoid having a lot of surplus at home.

Save Money on Groceries...

Save Money on Groceries…

List the things you need

Do not list the things that you want to buy. List only the items that you need. Review the list and remove those that are not necessities. Take the list with you when you go to the store. This saves you time since you already know what to buy.

Eat before you shop

Don’t shop when you feel hungry. Make sure to have a full meal before you go to the store. When you’re hungry, you’ll end up buying more than what you really need. Most of the things you see on the aisles become very inviting to your empty stomach.

Leave your children at home

Kids will spend all their time pointing things they want you to buy. Unless you can firmly say no to your children and bear to see them with sad faces the whole time, you better leave them at home.

Nutrition Month TIP 14: Looking to save cash and calories? Easy money-saving strategies can help you do both!

Nutrition Month TIP 14: Looking to save cash and calories? Easy money-saving strategies can help you do both!

Take advantage of rewards

If you buy your things in one grocery store, don’t forget to ask about their rewards program. Get a loyalty card that can give you good discounts. These programs also provide freebies to valuable customers.

Stay away from the items found near the counter

These things are placed near the checkout counter so you’ll be lured to buy them. Don’t even think about it. They’re usually expensive. And most of the time, you don’t really need them. So once you’re at the counter, always remember that you’re just there to pay for the things you really need.

Don’t use your credit card

If possible, pay for your groceries with cash. Even if you get rewards for using your card, it’s still better to pay using cash. When you use cash for your purchases, you won’t overspend. You’ll stick to your budget. Credit cards make you spend too much simply because you don’t feel the money going out of your pocket just yet.

These tips are easy to follow. If others can save money whenever they do their grocery shopping, why can’t you? You don’t have to sacrifice too much just to save. It’s just a matter of buying those that you need and leaving out those that you merely want. It takes discipline at first. But when you get used to it, you’ll realize that it’s one of the easiest ways to save money.

Getting Bored From Work Is A Bum

Getting the dream job you’ve always wanted is a very good thing. However, it’s not something you always come to expect when you do the same thing over and over again. Sometimes employees get bored with their work and try to do something else to occupy their thoughts and make sure they remain in the desk seats.

Some can’t take it that they just skip work and go elsewhere to other places at the time of their work. Others file a leave because they want to go to other places where they are not disturbed by their work and leave it back for the whole duration. You can always tell when one starts getting bored with his work.

Five Ways to Make Your Life (aka, You) Less Unbearably Boring

Five Ways to Make Your Life (aka, You) Less Unbearably Boring

Observe for Changes in Daily Routine of Work

At first, you work your ass out to prove you deserve the job and will do all that it takes to keep your work. You do a lot of things for the company and therefore increasing your daily outputs. Everyone is happy then that you are dedicated and determined to do what it takes for the company’s success.

However, when you notice that your employee is beginning to work at an unusual tone or a decrease in efficiency that you don’t normally see in him, then you become suspicious. It can only mean two things, either he’s sick or is starting to get bored with his work. The latter is usually the cause.

Try to Ask the Obvious Question, Are You Bored?”

Sometimes just mere observation on a change of behavior is not enough to conclude that your employee is already getting bored with his work. This means that his productivity will affect your company. Therefore, as the employer, it is your right to ask him directly.

When you approach him, look at his eyes and always act straight forward in asking the question. Know the answer first before he gets the chance to utter something differently which could be an escape route to what he really feels. You will then uncover and know the truth.

How To Avoid Getting Bored At Work

How To Avoid Getting Bored At Work

Listen to What They Have to Say about It

As a leader, you need to listen attentively to what your subordinates have to say because it might be something you least expect. Sometimes they tell you directly and you get surprised that it came at an unexpected time.

The important thing is you know how one feels and you can think ahead what to do about it. Therefore, you won’t risk losing your employee and keep your company in running well.

Boredom always gets to us no matter how happy we are with our work. We just need to take some time to reflect on things we can do to pass the time during out working hours and still remain effective and efficient for the good of the company.